House Oversight pledges to hold FBI Director in contempt

by ian

The FBI is refusing to give up key documents in an ongoing investigation, and now the House Oversight Committee is taking action.

Chairman James Comer vowed to hold FBI Director Chris Wray in contempt of Congress if the Bureau continues to ignore a document request.

The Committee seeks unclassified records that allege Joe Biden’s involvement in a criminal scheme while he was still vice president. The form in question records the FBI’s interaction with a whistleblower.

But the Bureau missed a subpoena deadline for the second time last night. They say they are open to cooperation, but cannot release confidential information that could “jeopardize investigations.”

But Committee Chairman James Comer isn’t buying it.

He’ll broach the subject with Wray one more time today via a telephone call. But if that fails, Comer vowed to begin contempt proceedings against the director next week.