I Scream, You Scream, … Oh Never Mind. We Can’t Scream

by mcardinal

Ian Patrick, FISM News


Theme parks are beginning to reopen in Japan.  As the parks grapple with how to maintain a space for people to enjoy, while maintaining the measures needed to keep the coronavirus at bay, the East Japan and West Japan Theme Park Associations presented a document with guidelines on how to best handle a reopening.


The document itself is in Japanese (which yours truly cannot read, unfortunately) but multiple news sites have dissected the material and presented it.  One guideline advised guests at the park to “refrain from shouting/screaming” while also wearing masks.


Obviously, this made the news rounds fairly quickly.  It makes one person wonder how you would be able to handle such a guideline when riding a fast-paced attraction.  The question has to be asked: “How can you not scream when you’re riding a rollercoaster?”


One Japanese theme park responded to this question by having two of their executives ride one of their coasters in absolute silence.  No screaming, no talking.  The video has gone viral, and you can watch it here.


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