IDF Issues Another Retaliatory Airstrike on Hamas Sites in Gaza

by ian

Ian Patrick, FISM News


The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) struck Hamas targets in Gaza on Sunday, responding to the launch of incendiary balloons from the region. The balloons started three fires in Israel when they were launched.

According to the Jerusalem Post, “several buildings in a Hamas military base” were targeted as well as “infrastructure and utilities used for the group’s activities.” Reports of casualties from either strike are currently unknown.

The strike was confirmed on the IDF Twitter page:


The IDF said that they will “respond strongly to the continuation of terrorist attempts from the Gaza Strip.” Israel had previously stated that they would treat incendiary balloon attacks as missile strikes and respond accordingly.

Hamas reportedly released a statement in which the terrorist group called the strike a “failed Israeli attempt to restore the reputation of the Israeli army, which suffered a defeat in the last campaign in the Gaza Strip.”

This is the most recent attack after a ceasefire was brokered between Israel and Hamas during a days-long conflict earlier this year. A similar retaliatory airstrike was issued in mid-June during tensions between Israel and Hamas on Israel’s “Jerusalem Day” celebration.