IRS has lost millions in taxpayer records containing ‘sensitive info’

by ian


The IRS can’t seem to catch a break.

A new Thursday report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration reveals that the agency has lost millions of tax records. Some were for individuals, some were for businesses, but most importantly the information in those records is sensitive.

The IRS watchdog said that the missing records were localized in two different cases.

The first dealt with a processing center in Fresno, California, which provided microfilm cartridges containing tax records. Records for Fiscal Year 2021 from California were meant to be transferred to another processing center in Kansas City. But the California center shut down in 2021 and the requested information is nowhere to be found.

The other case was in Ogden, Utah, where IRS personnel found several empty boxes that should have contained similar cartridges. It is suspected that this is because the company creating these cartridges went out of business in 2018.

IRS Wage and Investment Commissioner Kenneth Corbin responded to the report, claiming that staffing shortages are the reason behind these mistakes.