Islamic militants kill hundreds of Christians in rising persecution in Nigeria

by ian

Sadly, the deadly attacks on Nigerian Christians continue while local leaders accuse the government of turning a blind eye to the violence.

Militant Islamic groups like Boko Haram are frequently accused of attacking Christians in the country. Forty-six Christians were killed earlier this month in three southern villages.

In its World Watch List, Open Doors, a leading human rights organization, reports that the government knew the identity of the killers but did nothing to stop the carnage.

The organization also reports that some 700 defenseless Christians were slaughtered by government-backed Islamic militants last month as a parting gift to the outgoing Nigerian president.

Some, like Program Manager of Christian Solidarity International Franco Majok, are calling the attack on Christians in Nigeria a genocide.

Open Doors estimates that April and May of this year was one of the bloodiest in anti-Christian attacks in the country, as the ongoing slaughter averaged 17 deaths per day.

Given the frequency of attacks on Christians in Nigeria, it’s easy to focus on independent episodes of violence at the expense of appreciating how widespread the devastation has long been for children of God in the African nation. BThe numbers are staggering.

According to a report from Intersociety,  a Nigeria-based human rights group that “advocates for promotion and advancement of democracy and good governance including leadership accountability, respect for civil liberties and rule of law and provision and enforcement of human rights compliant public security and safety,” more than 50,000 Christians have been killed in Nigeria since 2009.