Israel-Hamas: Aid agency shuts down deliveries during communication blackout

by ian

The Gaza Strip’s humanitarian aid deliveries is seeing another major disruption.

Today was the second day that internet and phone networks were down. The U.N. warned that without communications they could not coordinate shipments into Gaza. The previous three blackouts have been caused by airstrikes, but this one is because of the fuel shortage.

Israel has almost entirely blocked fuel deliveries for the past six weeks, saying that Hamas will divert such resources.

The U.N. warns that Gaza has been receiving only 10% of its needed food supplies per day, and only one-third of its residents have access to clean water.

It’s a crisis that agency Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini says will only get worse.

But the IDF stated last night that they did deliver 4,000 liters of water and 1,500 ready-made meals to Al-Shifa hospital.  Jordan also parachuted supplies into the country earlier this week.