Israel-Hamas: G7 pressures Israel to allow humanitarian pauses

by ian


The aid conversation is heating up as the Group of Seven puts more pressure on Israel to allow for so-called “humanitarian pauses.” Secretary of State Antony Blinken represented the U.S. during two days of intense talks in Tokyo.

A joint statement issued by the world’s richest democracies calls for urgent action that allows “unimpeded humanitarian support for civilians.” The main U.N. agency operating in Gaza confirmed a delivery of medical supplies to Shifa Hospital yesterday.

They stated that delivery was completed “despite huge risks to our staff … due to relentless bombardments.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected calls for a ceasefire and resisted the idea of short pauses.

But the IDF made this statement on X earlier today: “There is no ceasefire. There are tactical, local pauses for humanitarian aid for Gazan civilians.”