Israel prepares for ground invasion of Gaza Strip

by ian


Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant tells troops they will soon see “Gaza from inside” in what is the latest sign of Israel’s much-anticipated ground invasion.

Gallant’s words mirror that of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who told troops at the Gaza border the day prior “We will give the hard blow to our enemies so that we can achieve victory.”

Last week, as it prepares for an all-out assault to destroy Hamas and free Israeli hostages, Israel told roughly 1 million people to flee northern Gaza. It remains unclear when the invasion will begin or how long it will take. Gallant says it could take as little as a week or up to several months.

As Israel prepares for the next phase of the war, Hamas is calling for another “Day of Rage” in response to ongoing airstrikes in Gaza.

Hamas still blames Israel for an explosion at a Gaza Hospital they say killed 500 hundred people. Western intelligence now says the blast was likely caused by a misfired Palestinian rocket and that the death toll is more likely between 10 and 50 people.