Israel strikes hundreds of targets as IDF surrounds Gaza City

by ian

Israel continues to make advances in Gaza City as the Israeli Defense Forces have reportedly killed several Hamas commanders and captured a compound.

In a telegram post, the IDF said that since Sunday its forces struck 450 targets and destroyed terror tunnels, military bases, missile launch posts, and more. Israeli forces have now severed Northern Gaza from the rest of the territory as a means of separating Hamas strongholds in the north and the south.

Israel’s defense minister says IDF troops are now operating in the heart of Gaza City. This marks the next stage of Israel’s campaign to destroy Hamas.

Israel continues to urge residents to move south, but some Gazans say Hamas is stopping them from leaving. Some reports suggest Hamas members are stealing car keys and threatening to shoot people trying to escape.

As a result, the IDF says it’s opened a humanitarian corridor to help thousands of Gazans move southward.