Jordan threatens FBI’s Wray with contempt of Congress

by ian

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is threatening to hold FBI Directory Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress over “inadequate” compliance with committee subpoenas.

In a letter dated July 17, Jordan accused the FBI of failing to comply with multiple requests for documents and information. He writes:

After several accommodations, months of persistent outreach by the Committee, and attempts to negotiate and work with the FBI in good faith, we write to notify you that if the FBI does not improve its compliance substantially, the Committee will take action–such as the initiation of contempt of Congress proceedings–to obtain compliance with these subpoenas.

The information Jordan cites in his letter includes the FBI’s involvement in targeting parents critical of school boards as well as Catholic Americans for their religious beliefs. The FBI has until noon on July 25 to fully submit the requested materials in order to avoid any action from the committee.