John Kirby brushes off concern that U.S. munition stockpiles are low

by ian

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby brushed off concerns Sunday that U.S. munitions are dwindling to dangerous levels.

He says the Defense Department is looking to boost its production and solve the problem. But President Joe Biden sparked concern earlier this month when he publicly stated that both the U.S. and Ukraine are low on munitions.

A Center for Strategic and International Studies report back in September gave shocking numbers on how long it would take to replace ammo already sent to Ukraine. That was up to seven years for 155 mm shells, eight years for Javelins, and 18 years for Stingers.

The president has been slammed for his comment.

Ohio Republican Sen. J.D. Vance says that’s a “stunning admission” that the Ukraine war is a drain on our own national security” and Conservative commentator Steve Guest says the president is broadcasting to China that our own ammo is low.

Yet, despite this, the White House isn’t backing down on supporting Ukraine according to security advisor Jake Sullivan.