Kirk Cameron urges parents to ‘stop complaining’ about indoctrination and ‘lead by example’ 

by Chris Lange

Chris Lange, FISM News


Kirk Cameron has a message for concerned parents: “[I]f you want to salvage this country and its biblical values for your children . . . stop complaining about the culture. Instead, be brave and start creating the culture you want for your children. Lead by example.”  

The Christian actor, author, and activist wrote in a Fox News op-ed that he has learned a great deal from parents over the past five months of his “As You Grow” book tour who often tell him that they feel that they are under attack for simply wanting to protect the innocence of their children.

Cameron said that parents have been flocking to his reading events “by the hundreds, even the thousands,” and that they all have one thing in common. 

They are pleading; they earnestly long for a return to wholesome, God-honoring, pro-American values.”


He said that the left’s aggressive push for drag queen shows for children and sexually explicit literature in school libraries is part of a massive campaign to indoctrinate kids into progressive ideology.

Cameron wrote that that he is often asked by parents why sexually deviant behavior – including pedophilia – once abhorred in American culture has been increasingly normalized. They don’t seem to understand, he said, why the left has declared open warfare on their children’s innocence. 

“In short, [progressives’] ambition is the total breakdown and collapse of the family. Their target is our children.  Their goal is social chaos,” Cameron wrote.  “In some cases, they have been successful. Tragically successful.” 

Parents, he added, feel alarmed at the ease with which Democratic governors in some states have passed laws stripping them of their rights as primary stakeholders in their children’s futures. They also have expressed incredulity over the unprecedented power educators and school board officials have been given over their children, including depriving parents of information about efforts to facilitate their children’s gender “transitions.” 

“While some seem to enjoy preying on innocent children to satisfy their own sexually perverse urges, I believe there is a more sinister goal, a noxious construct these influencers hope to build by targeting our littles,” Cameron said.


He explained that parents who feel blindsided and are struggling to understand why and how this insidious movement has flourished in American culture must realize that it is rooted in a massive effort to transform America from a Republic founded on individual freedom to a Communist society in which everyone is dependent upon and beholden to the government.

“Even if the perpetrators are not conscious of it, behind the scenes of the weird, woke, and wicked is the work of German political philosopher, Karl Marx, author of ‘The Communist Manifesto,” Cameron said. A primary component in effecting this transformation is to “eliminate religion, break up the family, bust society as we know it,” he continued. It is from the sown seeds of this Communist agenda of “disruption and disorganization” that gives its proponents “the opportunity to seize power to ‘fundamentally change America.’”

Cameron noted that Victor Davis Hanson, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, recently said that the “goal” of progressives “is to deconstruct America.”

The “real orchestrators” of this movement that has infiltrated nearly every aspect of American culture, Cameron said, are “the elites who know exactly what they’re doing…[as] part of an overall plan to disrupt, influence, and indoctrinate our children so as to change our country, thus revolutionizing our future.”

Community disorganization, Cameron warned, is the initial phase of this objective, which reflects the words of “social revolutionaries” who asserted that “’[a]ll change means disorganization of the old and organization of the new.’” 

A key component of this critical step in acclimating society to Marxism is “separating children from the ‘negative influence of parents,’ disrupting society’s present moral structure and systematically displacing Judeo-Christian values,” Cameron continued, adding: “Progressives are unleashing social chaos to create a void that their new social order will quickly fill.”


Instead of succumbing to fear and feelings of helplessness, the “As You Grow” author is calling on parents to follow the timeless advice found in Proverbs 22:6 to “‘Train up your children in the way they should go.’” Cameron urged parents to “be brave” and focus on “creating the culture you want for your children.”

“Let your love for your children conquer your fears,” he continued. “Use your own home as a safe place to lovingly uproot the power of evil in your neighborhood. Plant seeds of truth, beauty and goodness.” 

Power, courage, and wisdom are found in the Word of God for those who care to seek it.