L.A. police union boss tells officers to leave

by ian

Negotiations between Los Angeles and the city’s police union soured after union vice president Jeretta Sandoz warned officers to leave the city.

She wrote in a social media post:

Go somewhere that respects the work you do and you don’t have to beg for a great contract. Go somewhere that has a city council or city manager that openly acknowledges the great work you do, go somewhere that doesn’t have two or more City Council members who hate you.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League currently represents more than 9,000 officers. Sandoz has since defended her comments, telling reporters “I stand by every word I wrote to those who decided or are strongly considering leaving the LAPD for another agency.”

Since 2019, more than a thousand officers have left the department. Police Commissioner Errol Southers has since called the loss of personnel “very, very, discouraging.”

The city is dealing with ever increasing rates of crime and homelessness, causing Mayor Karen Bass to recently declare a state of emergency.