Legacy media ignores Biden-Burisma scandal while focusing on Trump

by ian

A bombshell report from the Media Research Center shows legacy media is all in on covering Trump’s legal woes, but silent on Biden’s scandals.

Former-President Donald Trump was indicted on June 8. On the same day, President Joe Biden was accused of participating in a $5 million dollar bribery scheme alongside his son, Hunter.

Yet, the Big Three broadcast networks only covered one of those stories.

From June 8 to June 12, ABC, CBS, and NBC devoted a total of 291 minutes of coverage to the Trump indictment. That’s the equivalent of 15 shows worth of content. They spent exactly zero seconds on the Biden scandal.

MRC Director Geoffrey Dickens says, “The double standard is breathtaking.” Newsmax’s Mercedes Schlapp says it shows why people are losing faith in legacy media.