Mark My Words: Op Ed

by mcardinal

Pastor Dr. Tony Crisp, PhD Contributing to FISM News

On this Sunday morning many will gather in this free country to worship. This freedom has been taken for granted for generations; this day of freedom could come to an end quicker than anyone thinks. Freedoms and ground hard fought for and gained with the precious blood of previous generations can be lost to the enemies of freedom in a relative short time span. Make no mistake about it what we are seeing taking place in our nation today with rioting, tearing down of statues (Even Ulysses S Grant, won the war that freed slaves/fought KKK and Raoul Wallenberg, who saved tens of thousands of Jews during the days of the Holocaust) destroying public and private property, calling for police free zones is only another step toward anarchy then in the vacuum of anarchy; totalitarianism.

Mark my words again…
The Flag of the United States is next. Then every cross. Then every Bible. Those in the streets today will come after the churches. Those in the streets today will come after you and me and posts like this and what we preach will be banned as “hate speech.” Socialism is the first step on the slippery slope to totalitarian Communism. All this is happening while cowardly Christians hide behind the veil of “submitting to government authorities” and “not offending” anyone. While not understanding we are “salt and light” in a putrefying, rotting and dark culture and age. If we don’t speak who will? What is lacking in the pulpits of America today and in the streets of America today and and in the government and private schools today (while we still have private schools) in the homes of America today is COURAGE! Courage to speak truth in love. Courage to stand against the person who is lawless, whatever their color. We are more concerned in many conversations and churches today about offending each other, than we are offending the God we claim to worship and love above all others. It seems our desire is to make everyone happy, comfortable and welcome except God Himself.

Mark my words one more time…
The movement we are seeing today (whatever sparked it) is not about race…It’s about VALUES! It’s about the rule of LAW! It is about Justice for All whatever color, belief, socio-economic, political party or place in government or family you belong to. If laws need to be changed and the people in the corridors of power will not change them, then pray, speak up and vote! If you have someone representing you at any level who does not have the courage to stand for what you believe in, don’t try to destroy them…VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE before it’s too late.

Finally, anti-semitism is on the rise in America and worldwide. Persecution of Christianity is on the rise worldwide. What can we do? We can call out to God for help. We can repent of our sins personally. We can, by God’s grace, begin to live more godly lives, do better, live better. We can become active, speak up and speak out. We can stop cowering behind the Bible and start speaking the truth in love. I told my wife again just yesterday. I will continue to preach and teach the Word of God, but I may be in jail for preaching the only truth that can set men free. If so, I will join thousands before me who refused to be silent. What can we do? We can humble ourselves before God and others. We can love Chêsêd/show loving kindness. We can do the right thing! May God loving and Freedom loving people wake up, take courage and turn back the tide of insanity and evil that has gripped our beloved nation.

May repentance, renewal and revival begin today in the greatest nation of free peoples in the history of mankind, the United States of America. God please “shed your grace” on us.

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