Maryland Governor: ‘Book bans’ are ‘castrating’ kids

by ian

Red states are removing books containing inappropriate material from younger classrooms and libraries, but now liberals are fighting back.

Democratic Gov. Wes Moore of Maryland took it to another level when he said barring these books was “castrating” African-American children.

The books being most targeted for removal are ones that contain graphic sexual LGBTQ material. But the media has attempted to skew the move by calling it “book banning.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was one of the first to remove these books from schools in his state and, back in March, he refuted the media’s portrayal of so-called “book banning”, calling it a “false narrative.”

Moore’s comments come as Texas just signed into law a bill that would require all schoolbook vendors to rate books based on sexual or mature content – similar to movies or TV ratings.