Maui wildfire death toll climbs as rescue efforts continue

by ian

The devastation continues in Hawaii.

Maui rescue teams are now racing to find survivors from the weekend’s massive wildfire as the death toll reaches historic levels. Gov. Josh Green says the death count will grow in the coming days.

Monday, the number reached 96, making this weekend’s wildfires the deadliest in more than a century. Many people weren’t alerted to dangers before it was too late. The island’s disaster sirens failed to sound and cellular outages hammered other alerts.

On top of the loss of life, the physical destruction is staggering. It could cost nearly $6 billion to rebuild the resort city of Lahaina.

Thankfully, support is pouring in. Some of that support is coming from Samaritan Purse, whose leaders say they want to help bring people closure after the devastating loss.

Samaritan’s Purse CEO Franklin Graham put out a statement and asked for urgent prayer “for residents, first responders, and leadership in the wake of the…disaster.”