McConnell again freezes at podium

by ian


It was another frightening moment for Mitch McConnell Wednesday as the Senate Minority leader froze in the middle of a press conference for what’s now the second time this summer.

The latest incident, which occurred in Kentucky, mirrored a similar health scare in Washington back in July – leading to renewed calls for the senator’s retirement.

The 81-year-old McConnell eventually answered a few more questions but seemed to have trouble speaking. His office said that he felt “momentarily lightheaded” – similar to what they said a few weeks ago.

This comes after the Kentucky senator suffered a concussion in March, keeping him out of the Senate for nearly six weeks.

North Dakota Sen. John Thune, who serves as Minority Whip, spoke with McConnell after Wednesday’s press conference. A spokesperson for Thune’s office said McConnell “sounded like his usual self and was in good spirits.”