Memphis Pastor, the lone survivor of plane crash, speaks out

by ian

A Tennessee pastor who survived a deadly accident spoke about it for the first time this week while praising God.

Harvest Church of Memphis lost 4 senior church members in a plane crash on January 17. Lead pastor Kennon Vaughan was the lone survivor of the accident.

Church members gave thanks as Vaughan took the stage on Sunday, 10 weeks after the accident.

Vaughan remained in the hospital for 10 days after the plane crash. During that time, he said his wife Kathryn slept in a wooden chair just to stay with him. She became a symbol of God’s faithfulness during that time.

While the pastor is unable to resume his pastoral responsibilities, he thanked God for bringing him this far in his recovery. He also said grief for the other four men would be felt for years, but that the experience had given him a greater longing for Heaven.