Mexican President urges ‘not a single vote’ for Desantis

by ian


It seems as though Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, while a highly endorsed candidate among Republicans, is not receiving friendly treatment from the Mexican President.

In a Wednesday press conference, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador urged Hispanics in Florida to “not give him one single vote.”

Lopez Obrador further accused Desantis of working with Texas Governor Greg Abbott to “militarize the border.” Obrador further urged voters not to vote for candidates who he says do not respect migrants.

As Governor of Florida, Desantis has made a name for himself on some of the front lines of the migrant crisis. Obrador said American Hispanics need to “wake up” and embrace what he called a biblical view of the illegal migration crisis.

Obrador’s advice may come too late, however, as exit polls found fifty eight percent of Florida’s Hispanic voters voted for Desantis last year.