Mexico’s armed forces taking control of capital’s airport

by ian


The Mexican military is taking control of a dozen airports and launching its own commercial airline.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador says it’s an effort to fight corruption, criminal control, and airport mismanagement.

The movement actually began a little over a year ago when the Mexican Navy took control of security at the Mexico City International Airport. This airport has a reputation for major drug shipments and illegal migration, but it’s also known for stolen luggage and flight delays.

But a new presidential order is placing the Navy fully in charge, right down to cleaning the bathrooms.

The president also plans to take the fight against corruption to a dozen other civilian airports. He says those will be placed under military control by the end of 2024. A commercial airline owned by Mexican armed forces will open later this year.

Of course, this has sparked some concerns that the president is giving the military too much control over civilian life.