Migrants trek to U.S. border as four more Texas counties declare invasion

by ian

A caravan of nearly 1,000 migrants is moving towards the southern border of the United States.

AP News says the group formed on Saturday in hopes of reaching the border and is currently on a highway in southern Mexico while being followed by Mexican National Guard patrols. They carry a Venezuelan flag with the words “Peace, Freedom. SOS.”

Meanwhile, four more Texas counties have declared an invasion. These are the counties of Frio, Karnes, La Salle, and Medina. The four also joined a new coalition to urge other counties to defend the sovereignty of Texas.

Atascosa County Judge Weldon Cude, who leads the coalition, says it’s a necessary step to stop human trafficking and drug smuggling.

There were nearly 2.5 million encounters with illegal immigrants at the southern border from June 2022 through May 2023, and Joe Biden’s presidency has been marked with a record-breaking number of border crossings.

In April 2021, Kinney County became the first in the Lone Star State to declare an invasion. There are now 46 counties in all that have made this declaration.