‘Missing’ Biden whistleblower releases video of allegations

by ian


The missing witness alleging corruption in the Biden family investigation just released a shocking video statement on Wednesday. American-Israeli energy expert Dr. Gal Luft is accusing the DOJ of maliciously targeting him as part of a coverup.

The whistleblower is now on the run. He was arrested in Cyprus back in February on three charges that he says were all false. He has since escaped.

Luft once advised the now-defunct Chinese energy company, CEFC. He alleges that while in this role he found evidence of a bribery scheme between the company, Hunter Biden, and Jim Biden.

The whistleblower handed this proof over to DOJ back in March of 2019, weeks ahead of Joe Biden’s presidential bid announcement. Additionally, the whistleblower says he gave specific information about an FBI mole.

Luft doesn’t believe he will receive a fair trial in New York if caught. He is unable to testify to Congress because of the charges, so he ended his statement with a challenge.