Myanmar Junta Sets Village Ablaze in Recent Clash With Citizens

by mcardinal

Justin Bullock, FISM News


Turmoil is still raging in Myanmar as it is believed the ruling military junta has burned down another village in the country resulting in at least two deaths. FISM News has reported extensively on the military coup that took in place in Myanmar following the country’s first successful attempt at democratic elections. Since the coup the military has brutally arrested and killed hundreds of Myanmar citizens who have protested the military seizing power.

The village destroyed by the Myanmar military was called Kin Ma and was located roughly in the center of the country. Of approximately 230 homes, only 30 were left standing, with 200 either burned beyond repair or all the way to the ground. The fire was so substantial that NASA’s satellite fire tracking system orbiting the earth registered the blaze on Tuesday night. At least two residents were burned alive in their homes and the full tally of injured and dead is still unknown.

The political arrests, killings, and human rights abuses by the acting Myanmar military government has received international condemnation led by the US who has already imposed sanctions on the country. The British embassy in Myanmar tweeted the following after the report of the attack on the village initially came in:

The UN is considering action against the Myanmar military as the UN General Secretary, António Guterres, has called for immediate action by the UN General Assembly. Guterres has demanded that the military junta in Myanmar abdicate its position, cease its arrests and killings of Myanmar citizens, and re-establish democratic elections in the country immediately. He told the press, “We cannot live in a world where military coups become a norm. It is totally unacceptable.”