National Center of Sexual Exploitation released the Dirty Dozen 2022 List

by mcardinal

Megan Udinski, FISM News



The National Center of Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) has revealed its 2022 Dirty Dozen List of mainstream companies who engage in and profit off of the exploitation of children and sexual abuse.

This is not a list of fruits and vegetables you should buy organic, but rather the companies you may use on a daily basis that promote gross sexual misconduct and turn a blind eye to how they may allow for such obscene behavior. 

On the list this year are Discord, Etsy, Google, Kanakuk, Kik, Meta, Netflix, OnlyFans, Reddit, Twitter, Verisign, and Visa. 

Christians should be particularly aware of Kanakuk, a Christian summer camp that has been trusted by families for decades but has been found to have put other priorities above those of the sexual abuse of children that took place. 

The survivors of the abuse wrote a letter stating, “We have been abused and silenced for far too long and are now joining hands to stand up for accountability and justice—and to stop ongoing and future abuse.” 

Discord has appeared on the list before, and NCOSE has demanded they do more to protect children, but they have yet to demonstrate any meaningful changes. 

Meta, the owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has found itself in the news repeatedly for a failure to put an emphasis on child safety precautions. Instead, they have focused on expanding the metaverse rather than leading the tech industry in safety standards. 

Twitter has been known for having double standards in the political arena, but it has also been put on the Dirty Dozen list for refusing “to remove verified child sex abuse material from its site when asked by victims.”

Another huge entertainment platform named is Netflix. While it took some backlash for the Cuties controversy in 2020, and many have seemed to forgive its overlook there, it continues to promote sexually driven content. NCOSE has given the company credit for making improvements to parental controls in the past, but the company is still far from implementing all the changes that are required to make them a safe space for family entertainment.

NCOSE has an action tab where you can help combat human trafficking, child abuse, sexual violence, prostitution, and more. If any of the companies on the 2022 list means something to you in particular, you can go to the 2022 list linked above and see specific action steps associated with each company.

More information regarding the Kanakuk Christian camp sexual abuse history can be found at the video below: