Nevada governor protects out-of-state abortions, House votes to allow males to compete in girls’ sports

by Jacob Fuller

Matt Bush, FISM News

The state of Nevada, led by a newly elected Republican governor and a majority-Democrat House, has recently passed a law protecting in-state providers of abortions for out-of-state patients and is considering a law that would fine schools $5,000 per day if they refuse to allow males to compete in girls sports.

GOP Gov. Joe Lombardo became the first Republican governor to sign a bill protecting out-of-state patients who left a state where abortion is illegal to have the procedure in his state. The new law would also protect the in-state provider.

Lombardo signed SB 131 which states that it is an act,

prohibiting health care licensing boards from disqualifying from licensure or disciplining a person for providing or assisting in the provision of certain reproductive health care services; prohibiting  the Governor from surrendering, or issuing an arrest warrant for, a person who is charged in another state with a criminal violation related to certain reproductive health care services.

According to Fox News, Lombardo considers himself pro-life and was endorsed by the National Right To Life committee. However, on the campaign trail, he promised to codify the executive order of the previous Democrat Governor that made abortions legal up to 24 weeks. He delivered on that pro-abortion campaign promise.

“I want to thank him [Lombardo] for following through on his commitment to ensure that Nevada won’t participate in prosecutions of women who come here to exercise their reproductive rights,” tweeted Nevada Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro (D).

Almost simultaneous to Lombardo signing the pro-abortion bill, House Democrats passed an amendment to a bill that would fine schools in Nevada $5,000 per day for banning biological males from participating in girls’ sports.

The amendment was added to Assembly Bill No. 423 after the initial bill passed the House with unanimous bipartisan support.

The amendment to the bill reads, “A board of trustees shall not adopt a policy that limits the access of a pupil because of race, religious creed, color, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, ancestry, familial status or sex, to school facilities or activities.”

Once the amendment was added, zero Republicans voted in favor of the bill and it passed with only partisan Democrat support. The bill will now head to the desk of Lombardo who recently signed the bill providing protection for abortions.

Lombardo has opposed similar measures concerning males competing against girls and is expected not to sign this bill into law. Breitbart reported that Lombardo recently “joined 25 Republican governors opposing the Biden administration’s changes to Title IX, which would effectively ban schools K-8 from protecting women’s sports from transgender athletes.”

After receiving unanimous support for the original bill, Democrats tried to sneak in wording that would allow males to compete in girls’ sports in what one Republican lawmaker called a “Bud Light amendment.”

Republican Nevada lawmaker Ira Hansen tweeted that Democrats took a bipartisan bill with complete support on both sides and “dropped a floor #BudLightAmendment w/out any hearing at the last minute in the last waning days of the session fining NV school boards $5k/day that try to block boys from girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports.”