New LGBTQ school in Arizona targets middle school students

by Renata


A new LGBTQ-centric school in Arizona is using taxpayer funds to target middle school students. The Queer Blended Learning Center is opening next month in Phoenix.

The alternative school is for middle school students and will be taxpayer-funded through Arizona’s school voucher law. At the school, children between the ages of 11 and 14 will attend daily LGBTQ history lessons and other woke curriculum. Meanwhile, they’ll attend math, English, and science through online classes.

School founder Nate Rhoton says the school is necessary after anti-LGBTQ legislation passed in the state earlier this year.

But the partnership with one∙n∙ten, a nonprofit that targets gay or gender-dysphoric youth, is also troubling. Among other programs, the organization pushes workshops on chest binding, sex, and transgender surgeries.