NFL Issues Threats To Teams With COVID-19 Outbreaks “Among Unvaccinated Players”

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News


If the NFL was ever trying to be subtle in its push for players to receive the COVID-19 shot, it just slaughtered subtlety in the street with a new announcement.  The league released a statement Thursday that it plans to punish teams who experience COVID-19 outbreaks in the 2021 season among unvaccinated players.  If an outbreak occurs among unvaccinated players and it impacts the playability of a game, the league will now demand the team with the outbreak forfeit the game, thus handing them an automatic loss, while also withholding game checks from all players.

This outrageous rule blatantly targets, and one could argue even discriminates against, players who freely to choose to decline the COVID-19 shot.  NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, often a puppet of the left in professional sports, addressed the warning and defended it, saying:

These operating principles are designed to allow us to play a full season in a safe and responsible way, and address possible competitive or financial issues fairly. While there is no question that health conditions have improved from last year, we cannot be complacent or simply assume that we will be able to play without interruption — either due to Covid outbreaks among our clubs or outbreaks that occur within the larger community. These principles are intended to help inform decisions, recognizing that, as in 2020, we will need to remain flexible and adapt to possibly changing conditions.

What is ironic about this announcement is that there is nothing “fair” about punishing players who refuse a potentially dangerous and untested drug.  Most baffling, the NFL will not punish teams if an outbreak occurs among players who are vaccinated.  If COVID-19 spreads among vaccinated players, the league will simply “attempt to minimize the competitive and economic burden on both participating teams.”

The NFL is doing nothing to actually protect its players from COVID-19, since the drug they are demanding all players to receive does not prevent the disease and has already resulted in several thousand deaths.  This is not an issue of medical safety or the benefits and drawbacks of receiving a shot – it is about personal freedoms being hijacked for the sake of appearances.