Nigerian militants kill 42 Christians in horrid attacks

by ian

Another 42 Christians are dead in Nigeria following an attack by suspected Fulani militants.

The attacks happened on Tuesday in at least 11 different communities in the Plateau State of the country. The predominantly Muslim Fulanis are frequently violent towards Christians in the region.

According to state Governor Caleb Muftwang, over 50,000 Christians have either been killed or displaced over the past two decades in the region.

But the victims accuse the government, including Muftwant’s administration, of not enforcing laws against the Fulani.

In all, religious freedom groups claim that over 50,000 Nigerian Christians have been killed since 2009. They say 1,000 died during the first four months of this year alone.

The State Department noted just days ago that the Nigerian government appears to ignore an increase in religious persecution. President Biden now has 90 days to consider re-designating Nigeria as a Country of Particular Concern after removing the country from the list in 2021.