NHL reverses ban on pride tape

by ian


The NHL is now reversing its ban on pride tapes on hockey sticks.

The players’ union and an LGBTQ+ committee came to an agreement with the league earlier this week that would allow players to display pride colors on their hockey sticks for the 2023-2024 season.

Makers of Pride Tape celebrated the decision by saying, “We are extremely happy that NHL players will now have the option to voluntarily represent important social causes with their stick tape throughout the season.”

The NHL Players Association likewise said that it was pleased to see its policy reversed, “so that players are free to support causes they believe in.”

The decision comes after last season when six players refused to participate in pregame warmups in pride-themed jerseys, the only option available for them at the time. In response to the controversy, players are now not allowed to wear any kind of themed jerseys this season.