NYC erupts in chaos over migrant crisis

by ian

The migrant crisis came to a head in New York City on Sunday.

Video footage and reports show that a violent clash occurred outside of Mayor Eric Adams’ Manhattan residence. The fight was reportedly over disagreements on the opening of new migrant shelters in Manhattan.

A protest was held outside of Gracie Mansion, the official residence of New York City mayors. The Guardian Angels, led by its founder and former mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa, called for Mayor Adams to shelter incoming illegal immigrants inside of Gracie Mansion rather than opening shelters throughout the city.

Not long after, counterprotesters arrived at the scene and a brawl began. Although the counterprotester group has not been officially identified, Sliwa and others say that it consisted of Antifa members.

NYPD officers eventually intervened and arrested five of the people involved in the clash, including Sliwa. He and two others were charged with obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct, and another two individuals were charged with assault.

At issues is a former school known as St. John Villa Academy, which is being used to house migrants . The building is contained in a residential area, near other schools, which has some parents and residents concerned.

A judge had initially blocked the city from housing any migrants in the building, but that order was reversed after an appeal from the city. Democrat state Sen. Jessica Scarcella-Spanton explained to Fox News that the site was initially intended to accommodate more school children.

The New York government is struggling with how to handle the influx of asylum seekers.

A spokesperson for Mayor Adams said in a statement released to Fox News Digital that the government has “opened 206 sites, including 15 large-scale humanitarian relief centers.”

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul recently extended an executive order declaring a state of emergency to deal with the immigrant crisis. The order allows resources and aid for municipalities assisting asylum-seekers as well as the ability to mobilize the National Guard.

But the state government continues to implement other policies that aren’t viewed as favorably. For instance, New York state is now threatening to sue schools which block or impede the ability of illegal immigrant children to register for public school.

The threat was made when it was discovered that some schools required certain forms of identification, such as a voter ID, for enrollment purposes. Attorney General Letitia James and state Education Commissioner Betty Rosa said in a letter to public school districts that these policies are “discriminatory.”