NYC limits how long adult migrants can stay in shelter

by Renata

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is limiting how long adult migrants can use city shelters as he says the city is overrun.

He announced on Wednesday that adult migrants will be limited to 60 days in taxpayer-funded shelters. They must find permanent housing in the meantime or risk being thrown out.

The city says 90,000 migrants have arrived since last spring, and almost 55,000 remain in the city’s care. There are between 300 to 500 new arrivals each day.

Despite this, Adams says the state and federal governments haven’t provided any help; so the city will begin distributing flyers at the border to encourage migrants to pick another destination. The flyers say there is no guarantee they will receive shelter and services in the Big Apple.

Meanwhile, the city of New York on Wednesday settled a class action lawsuit, resulting with the city paying almost $14 million to Black Lives Matter rioters. The roughly 1,400 plaintiffs will receive about $10,000 each, after claiming their First Amendment rights were violated.