NYC says illegal immigration ‘will destroy’ city

by ian


The mayor of the sanctuary city of New York is now panicking, saying illegal immigrants will destroy New York City.

At a town hall meeting on Wednesday night, Mayor Eric Adams declared the city has received more than 110,000 migrants in the past year. That’s racked up a $12 billion deficit for the city as they have to provide shelter, education, and other services.

The mayor blasted President Joe Biden for not stepping in with federal assistance, but quickly shifted the blame to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who began a migrant busing program in April 2022.

The latest data from Texas shows that the Lone Star State has only sent 13,300 migrants to New York City, a fraction of the around 10,000 migrants per month who arrive in the city.

Fifty-eight percent of New Yorkers now want to stop the flow from the southern border, according to a recent survey.