Officer Killed Outside Pentagon Spurring Lockdown

by mcardinal

Michael Cardinal, FISM News


The Pentagon went into an hour and a half lockdown after a police officer was stabbed and killed at the Metro station outside the military building on Tuesday.

Officer George Gonzalez was stabbed multiple times in the neck, before firing on the assailant. Both the Pentagon officer and the perpetrator were pronounced dead at the scene and two other bystanders were injured in the incident. It is unknown a this time whether the suspect died as a result of Gonzalez’s return fire or from shots fired by other responding officers.

The assailant was identified as 27-year-old Austin Lanz who had enlisted in the Marines in 2012, but never earned the title of Marine after being “administratively separated.” The reason for the attack is still not known, but witnesses say that an altercation occurred on the train platform prior to the incident.

Police officers lined the streets to salute the fallen officer and pay their respects on Tuesday evening during a ceremonial procession through the streets of Washington DC. “Pentagon Force Protection Agency mourns the tragic loss of a Pentagon Police Officer, killed during this morning’s incident at the Pentagon bus platform,” the agency said in a statement.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin released an order for flags to be flown at half-staff at the Pentagon complex. With the order he also stated:

[Gonzalez] and his fellow officers are members of the Pentagon family, and known to us all as professional, skilled and brave. This tragic death today is a stark reminder of the dangers they face and the sacrifices they make. We are forever grateful for that service and the courage with which it is rendered.”

The incident is under further investigation, with the FBI providing assistance.