Ohio centenarians still together after 79 years

by mcardinal

Curt Flewelling- FISM News


June and Hubert Malicote have had quite a summer. In just a few short weeks, the Hamilton, Ohio couple has celebrated their 100th birthday(s) and an astounding 79 years of marriage.  In a phone interview with Fox News, Mr. Malicote matter of factly stated, “We just kind of live by the day, and all of a sudden, we’re 100 years old.”

Their relationship started in September of 1941 when the two attended a church revival with separate friend groups.  At one point in the service, June looked back at Hubert and gave him a warm smile. This simple gesture stirred something inside Hubert to want to see her again.  He decided to go to church the following Sunday with the hopes of meeting her.  Divine intervention took hold as the two continued to go to church together, and two years later they were united in marriage.

The start of this wonderful relationship proved to be challenging as Hubert was serving overseas in the U.S. Navy at that time.  Navigating life, let alone a brand new marriage, in the midst of the uncertainties of this tumultuous time in history, was extraordinarily stressful.  Sadly, many other young brides facing the same circumstances as Mrs. Malicote experienced the devastating loss of a husband to the ravages of war. 

Hubert and June could easily be the main characters in a charming love story.  Hubert’s recollection of June eagerly walking alongside the train that delivered her husband safely back home from war and June’s declaration that the two have never had a quarrel in nearly eight decades, are the stuff old-fashioned romance novels are made of. 

Perhaps it was fitting that the two met at a church, as Hubert has always said, “A happy home is where God is.”

The couple’s marital longevity is very reminiscent of another couple who has recently been in the news: Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter.  The former president and his wife just celebrated 76 years together. Mr. Carter stated to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “We try to forgive each other every night for any differences we may have had during the day.” 

Mr. Maricote’s key to an enduring union is almost identical to that of President Carter.

Hubert told Fox News, “We maybe have had disagreements.  But we’ve always worked them out. Our attitude has been that you don’t hurt the one you love.  And if you have a quarrel, take care of it. Don’t let it grow. Think it over, talk it out and solve the problem and go on with your life.”