Ohio State University releases schedule for upcoming “sex week” on campus

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News


During the week surrounding Valentine’s Day, Ohio State University is holding a campus-wide “Sex Week,” encouraging what the school calls “sexual freedom” as well as abortion expansion.

The weekend is stocked full of lewd-themed seminars and events, including a criticism of abstinence-only sexual education, praising LGBTQ and drag, condemning values of traditional masculinity, and exploring self-pleasure.

The most shocking and shameful event of the week will commence on February 16 in what the school calls “Valentines for Abortion Providers.” Students will be encouraged to write thank-you notes to people who are working to expand abortion in Ohio and Texas. The event will happen for a second time on February 18.

The event’s description reads,

Meet SASHA in the Union on the 1st floor on to help thank abortion providers in Ohio and Texas for the valuable work they do for reproductive rights!

These abortion-theme events seem to be a direct response to the high-profile Supreme Court cases currently in motion over abortion laws in Texas and Mississippi, cases that could strike a death blow to Roe V. Wade.

The week will conclude with an open-mic night, where students will be encouraged to donate to Texas-based abortion providers.

Many have expressed outraged at the school’s celebration of sexual perversion, including Kristan Hawkins, president of the Students for Life pro-life organization. She said,

It’s pathetic that schools are ignoring their mandate to educate students and instead act as though their real purpose is facilitating the parties. This is a great disservice to students. And a huge waste of money for parents. Almost always ignored by these sponsors is the fact that you can’t protect emotionally vulnerable students from a broken heart when they follow the false pitch that all consequences — babies included — can be ignored.