OnlyFans Capitulates to Fans’ Desires, Backtracks on Pornography Ban

by Seth Udinski
OnlyFans Capitulates To Fans’ Desires, Backtracks On Pornography Ban

Seth Udinski, FISM News


An online creation network known as OnlyFans is reversing a ban it made last week. The company announced that it would prohibit its users from posting pornographic content effective October 1. This caused immense ire from many users who use the site to post explicit images and videos for sale. According to CNBC, the social networking site generates a huge portion of cash flow, in large part from pornographic material. An estimated 130 million people use the site, and the company was $150 million in the black in 2020.

Unfortunately, OnlyFans is submitting to its user’s demands. The company announced Wednesday that it will reverse the ban on pornographic content, in an effort to appeal to their content “creators,” particularly those who create openly explicit content.

The company cites “inclusion” as its reason for so quickly abandoning a commendable decision to no longer allow pornography on its website. This decision was not made with “inclusion” in mind. It is rather the result of a company, run by depraved individuals, attempting to retain an audience that will keep the company lucrative and avoid losing millions of dollars. It has nothing to do with inclusivity and everything to do with money. Pornography is one of the most lucrative businesses in the United States, generating hundreds of billions of dollars per year. OnlyFans is simply furthering this tragic reality.

This reversal reveals the sad truth of overt sexual exploitation in the 21st century, and it is a clear reminder that modern society has openly rejected the One True God.