PA lawmaker introduces bill to defund pro-life pregnancy help centers

by Jacob Fuller

Chris Lange, FISM News

A Pennsylvania state representative introduced legislation this week to end state subsidization of crisis pregnancy centers, claiming that they pose a threat to pregnant women and “birthing people.”

The Pennsylvania Daily Star reported that Democratic State Rep. Melissa Shusterman issued a memo to her colleagues encouraging them to co-sponsor the bill.

“Crisis pregnancy centers are organizations that purport to provide medical services to pregnant women and birthing people but instead engage in deceptive practices to prevent them from having abortions,” Shusterman wrote in the memo. “The damage these organizations inflict upon people cannot be understated [and] amounts to a public health emergency.”

Shusterman also claimed that pregnancy help centers promote “practices that endanger, not protect, human health,” such as abstinence-based education.

The state representative’s bill will likely enflame the outbreak of violence that has engulfed pro-life pregnancy centers since the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health overturned the federal protection for abortion nationwide. Today, FISM News reported on the latest such incident at a pregnancy help center in Minnesota.

A Life News report recently listed a total of 262 documented attacks on pro-life individuals and groups by pro-abortion activists.

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