PBS Children’s TV Show “Arthur” Will End After 25 Seasons

by Seth Udinski
PBS Children’s TV Show “Arthur” To End After 25 Seasons

Seth Udinski, FISM News


The longest-running children’s cartoon show in American history is coming to an end after a quarter of a century on the air.  PBS television’s “Arthur,” about a young aardvark named Arthur and his friends, will air its final season in 2022.  The show captivated millions of Millennials who learned about life through the eyes of Arthur Read, his sister D.W., best friends Buster and Francine, and a host of other characters from Elwood City that helped make the show popular for so long.

Based on the children’s books by author Marc Brown, the show first debuted in 1996 on PBS.  It explored a variety of issues including bullying, kindness, and friendship.  Throughout its early years, “Arthur,” for the most part, explored those issues with tact and class.

But it was never produced from a conservative or Christian perspective, and like many other children’s shows, it capitulated to the secular culture.  This was especially apparent in a controversial episode from 2019 that openly promoted gay marriage.  In this episode, which aired during the show’s 22nd season, Arthur’s teacher Mr. Ratburn came out as gay and married a man.  Many parents were outraged at this, due to the fact that this was a show for children and about children, as Arthur and his friends are supposed to be in third grade.

The show’s final season will run in the winter of 2022, marking an unprecedented run for a children’s cartoon of 25 years on air.