Planned Parenthood calls virginity ‘social construct’

by Renata

Here’s something that might be news to you – “Virginity is Social construct” at least that’s what Planned Parenthood said in a recent social media post.

The abortion giant said on Twitter and Instagram that “The idea of virginity comes from outdated” and “patriarchal ways of thinking that hurts everyone.” The post sparked backlash from the pro-life community. Canadian pro-life group, Choice42, responded by saying that abstinence until marriage is the best way to stop the spread of STDs and prevent unwanted pregnancy.

“Virginity protects women,” Choice42 said in a statement. “It protects men too. You are worth more than what Planned Parenthood thinks you are.”

Other critics pointed out that Planned Parenthood’s business model depends on unwanted pregnancies.

According to The Christian Post, the abortion group performed over 374,000 abortions between 2021 and 2022, while collecting over “$670 million in government grants and reimbursements.”