Planned Parenthood Protests New South Carolina Abortion Ban

by Seth Udinski
Planned Parenthood Protests New South Carolina Abortion Ban

Seth Udinski, FISM News


Last week, the state of South Carolina took a passionate stand for the protection of the unborn.  The Palmetto State issued a strict abortion ban on February 18, making it illegal to abort an unborn baby after a heartbeat can be detected.  Most heartbeats can be heard within six weeks of the baby’s conception, before many women even know that they are pregnant.  If the “fetal heartbeat” law survives, it would represent a great victory for the pro-life movement in the midst of a radically liberal federal administration. South Carolina Republican governor Henry McMaster praised the law, saying,

There’s a lot of happy hearts beating across South Carolina right now.  Our battles are not yet over, but I believe the dawn of victory is upon us.

Certainly, the battle for the protection of the unborn in South Carolina is only just beginning.  The law enraged the most notorious pro-abortion organization in the country: Planned Parenthood.  The self-proclaimed “defenders of women’s health care” filed a federal lawsuit almost immediately after the bill was passed.  They called the ban “unconstitutional,” a ban which would save countless unborn lives in the state of South Carolina if it is codified.

One day after South Carolina announced the bill, the U.S. District Court acquiesced to Planned Parenthood by temporarily blocking the law from passing until a court hearing could commence on March 9.  Governor McMaster stood his ground, saying in a tweet on Friday that the South Carolina government would “defend this law every step of the way.”

FISM News will follow the complete coverage of this historic case in the coming weeks.