Poland Opens Temporary Hospital and Utilizes Army For Emergency COVID Testing 

by mcardinal

Ian Patrick, FISM News


Poland is opening a field hospital at Warsaw’s landmark national stadium and will bring in the army to handle drive-through coronavirus testing facilities amid a surge in new infections. Officials said the Law and Justice (PiS) government was in talks with private medical facilities to provide beds and wards for coronavirus patients and planned to double state health workers’ base salaries.

Other major cities are also rushing to set up new hospitals, the health ministry said after new daily cases reached nearly 10,000 last week. Health Minister Adam Niedzielski said that new infections could surge if social distancing and other restrictions were not widely complied with.

The government has already urged citizens to stay at home, ordered gyms and pools to close, restaurants to reduce opening hours, and universities and secondary schools to shift to remote classes. Despite the new measures, Niedzielski said the government had not decided to introduce any additional restrictions on people visiting family and friends’ graves on Nov. 1, when millions of Poles remember their loved ones on All Saints’ Day.

Sourced from Reuters American Wire, edited for brevity


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