Politicians and celebrities react to historic overturn of Roe v. Wade

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News


Christians and conservatives alike were overjoyed on Friday when the Supreme Court made an historic decision to overturn the Roe v. Wade abortion case of 1973. Many have celebrated this crucial victory for the pro-life movement and the protection of innocent human lives, but there are some who are outraged.

Celebrities took to Twitter to express their feelings about the dramatic announcement. As expected, many on the left were appalled, including former First Lady Michelle Obama. She said she was “heartbroken” over the announcement:

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a self-proclaimed Roman Catholic, shared Obama’s anger at the overturn, opening her press conference by refusing to say “good morning, because it certainly is not one.”

On the contrary, Donald Trump Jr. celebrated the overturn and expressed his gratitude for the work his father did as president in electing and supporting SCOTUS justices who would be able to reverse Roe.

Representative Jim Jordan typed two simple words, repeated by actor Kevin Sorbo and others, that may be destined to become the rallying cry of a new pro-life movement that just saw its most important legal victory in over half a century:

Not long after the Roe announcement, Missouri etched it mark in history by becoming the first state in the post-Roe United States to issue an outright ban on abortion, with the only exception being danger to the life of the mother.

*Author’s note:

We at FISM news join in the celebration of this historic victory, echoing the words of so many: Life wins. We praise God knowing that thousands of babies will be saved, but we also know the fight for life is only going to intensify in the coming weeks. If you want to now how to join in the battle for the protection of human life, visit our friends at PreBorn by going to their website or by calling their phone line: Dial #250 and say the keyword “Baby” to learn more.

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