Poll: Majority Of Professing Christians Believe The Holy Spirit Is Not Real

by Seth Udinski
Poll: Majority Of Professing Christians Believe The Holy Spirit Is Not Real

Seth Udinski, FISM News


In a generation that continues to exemplify godlessness, professing Christians are quickly losing theological precision. The latest attack of theological pluralism is waged against the Third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit.

According to a poll conducted in February and recently released by Arizona Christian University, an astounding number of professing Christians deny not just the deity of the Holy Spirit, but His existence altogether. 62% of the nearly 2,000 people polled said that the Holy Spirit is not a member of the Triune Godhead, but is rather simply a vague representation of God’s attributes. This belief touches several ancient heresies condemned by the Church, including Modalism and Macedonianism.

This question was part of larger poll that revealed a shocking truth – a mere 6% of American adults confess a true biblical worldview, despite many more that claim to do so. According to the poll:

The total head count, therefore, ranges from a high of an estimated 176 million self-professed Christians to a low of about 15 million adults who have a biblical worldview.

Other results of the poll revealed that 61% believe all faiths are of equal value, and 60% believe that people can earn their way into heaven if they are “good enough.”  The poll gives a stern warning to examine the true heart behind those who claim to be Christians:

The survey results clearly demonstrate how careful you have to be when interpreting data associated with a particular segment of people who are labeled as Christians. Political polling, in particular, may mislead people regarding the views and preferences of genuine Christ-followers simply based on how those surveys measure the Christian population.