Pornhub views plummet after Louisiana law requires age verification

by Renata

A Louisiana state law meant to protect minors is changing the whole porn industry.

The state passed a law in June 2022 requiring porn sites to verify that users were 18 or older. Now, according to Pornhub, that law has since caused all views from the state to plummet by 80%.

That’s not limited to just Louisiana, either. Six states passed similar laws with the same bipartisan support. Pornhub stopped operations completely in three of those – Utah, Mississippi, and Virginia.

Studies show that regular porn viewing has disastrous effects on intimacy, sexual health, and brain development in adolescents. The laws’ unintended impact is a spectacular victory against an industry that fuels addiction in millions of people.

But the industry’s trade association has filed lawsuits in Louisiana and Utah in the hopes of ending the laws.