Portland schools teach woke, graphic gender curriculum in elementary

by Jacob Fuller

Lauren Moye, FISM News


Portland, Oregon schools have incorporated a woke LGBTQ+ elementary school curriculum that includes graphic images, encourages exploration of sexuality, and teaches that “genders are a universe” of options, revealed in a recent expose by journalist Christopher Rufo.

The curriculum also teaches that white colonizers forced traditional views of gender and sexuality upon the world.

Rufo first reported on the gender ideology curriculum Wednesday. His report focuses on the radical indoctrination of students in a calculated lesson plan that Portland Public Schools has already implemented in the majority of K-5 elementary schools within the district.

Rufo reached out to Portland Public Schools for comment. The administration responded with a statement that read, “We make certain that our curriculum is LGBTQ+ inclusive for students who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming, gender-queer, and queer to create a safe and inclusive environment for all of our students.”

However, at over 180 slides, the material is more about indoctrination than inclusion. It is a significant part of education in Portland schools and teaches children that “gender is a universe.”

The curriculum begins with pronoun usage and “learning about my body” lessons, which show anatomically correct nude depictions of boys and girls alongside the explanation “any gender and kid can have any type of body.”

By 1st and 2nd grade, the material teaches students that boy and girl genders are something adults selfishly created “to sort people into groups” and that “many people think there are only two genders…but that isn’t true.”

In later grades, children ages 10 and under are asked to explore their sexuality and gender by identifying “who you like” and “who you are.” According to the curriculum, answers to both of these questions “change over time.”

Throughout the curriculum, children are encouraged to explore their identity by adopting new names, choosing their pronouns, and calling other students by their chosen names.

By the time children graduate from elementary school, the curriculum asks children to commit themselves to key actions, like learning more about LGBTQ+ words, practicing pronoun usage, and reading books or watching shows that have queer characters.

While many Twitter users responded with outrage at the curriculum, others found more at fault with Rufo’s coverage. Some Twitter comments have even gone so far as to insinuate that this is a fearmongering report created from dubious or outright falsified sources.

Rufo reported late on Wednesday that Portland Public Schools is erasing the material from public access.

The full material can be seen on Ruso’s blog, via Document Cloud.