Project Veritas sues James O’keefe

by ian


The drama between Project Veritas and its former leader James O’Keefe is heating back up again. The company is suing O’Keefe on charges of breach of contract, misuse of company funds, and bullying behavior.

The company placed O’Keefe on paid leave February 6 citing inappropriate behavior and mismanaging finances. He then resigned a few weeks later.

Now Project Veritas is going after its founder for his conduct in those weeks in between.

Shortly after resigning, he created O’Keefe Media Group. Project Veritas claims this was a breach of contract since he was still on the company payroll.

They also allege that O’Keefe disparaged the company board, creating a conflict of interest by soliciting donors for his new group.

But O’Keefe is fighting back, saying he’s taken arrows before, but that this attack hits differently.