Rasmussen Poll: 40% ‘Not at All Confident’ in Biden’s Ability to Stop Terrorist Threats

by sam
Rasmussen Poll: 40% Not Confident in Biden’s Ability to Stop Terrorist Threats

Samuel Case, FISM News


While international threats from enemy nations like North Korea are a significant problem that any president should be prepared to handle, another threat the Commander-in-Chief needs to be wary of is terrorism. Unfortunately for President Biden, most Americans don’t believe he is capable of handling a terrorist threat.

A new Rasmussen poll surveyed 1,000 likely U.S. voters and found that 40% are “not at all confident” Biden can face a terrorist threat, with 12% saying they are “not very confident.” Still 30% of likely voters say they are “very confident” in Biden’s abilities, while 16% say they are “somewhat confident.” Only 3% were unsure. The poll found Republicans are more likely to think that the threat of terrorism has increased since Biden took office.

The  survey also suggests that 58% of these likely voters believe domestic terrorism is a greater threat to the United States than foreign terrorism, with 32% thinking the reverse. Democrats are significantly more likely to believe domestic terrorism is a greater danger than foreign threats.

On the same day the poll was released, May 3rd, Rasmussen reported Biden’s approval rating was at 48%. Biden’s highest ratings were in mid-February with a 53% approval rating.