Recently-cut MLB pitcher defends Christian beliefs

by Renata

A former MLB pitcher went on Tomi Lahren’s podcast Friday to defend his Christian faith, a stance that may cost him his career.

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Matt Dermody shared his testimony, which began when he trusted in Jesus Christ during the pandemic lockdowns. In 2021, Dermody shared a tweet which stated that “homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God.”

Then, last month, Dermody was called into the Red Sox front office after just one start with the team, where he defended his position after team executives dug up the old tweet and grilled him on why he’d originally shared it.

Dermody was then cut from the team and has not pitched in the big leagues since. He has held fast to his Christian faith in spite of it all, reiterating that his goal is for sinners to hear the Gospel and come to faith in Christ.