‘Red Wave’ becomes tsunami in latest RCP map

by sam

Samuel Case, FISM News



The latest Real Clear Politics map shows the anticipated midterms “red wave” continues to grow, projecting that four states will turn the tide in the Republican party’s favor for a Senate majority.

RCP now projects that Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and New Hampshire will give Republicans a 54 to 46 Senate advantage. Until recently the fate of the Senate was considered a toss-up by most election analysts. 

Meanwhile, in the House, Republicans are projected to take at least 228 seats in the midterms, with Democrats taking 174, though 33 races are still considered toss-ups. 

Texas Senator Ted Cruz told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Tuesday he expects Republicans to have “historic” wins next week. 

“I think we’re going to have an election next week that is historic. In the House –  I think we’re gonna win control of both houses of Congress. In the House, I think we’re going to have a majority that could be 30, 40, 50 seats,” Cruz said.

He later told Hannity, “If you look at the Senate, I think we’re going to take the majority, I think we’re likely to be at 53 or 54 Republicans, we could be higher.”

If these projections weren’t enough of a warning bell for Democrats, a new Trafalgar poll shows Republican Lee Zeldin with a slight lead over Democrat Kathy Hochul in the New York Governor’s race. Trafalgar shows Zeldin leading 48.4% to Hochul’s 47.6%, with 4% undecided. 

Surprisingly a majority of those polled were Democrats. 53.6% of respondents belong to the Democratic party, while only 27.5% are Republicans, and 4% are undecided.

New York is a state that has been a Democratic stronghold, so even a close race would prove to be a referendum on Democratic policies. Michigan and Washington are two other historic blue states that are showing signs they could fall into the Republican camp, as both are currently deemed toss-ups.

Real Clear Politics shows Hochul leading Zeldin 49.8% to 45%, but still considers the race a toss-up.

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